What’s that smell?

What’s that smell you ask?  Do you have a foul smell coming from your chimney? It’s a sign that something’s amiss. A slight smoky odor is normal, but anything more than that could indicate excess creosote, animal pests, or mold growth.

Creosote build-up on your chimney looks and smells like tar. It’s a good idea to have creosote removed once a year because it’s highly flammable. A chimney professional, like Chimcare LLC, can clean your chimney in just a few hours and leave your house smelling a whole lot better.

Animals living inside of your chimney can cause a host of problems, but the smell caused by dead animals and animal droppings is at the top of the list. A chimney cleaning can remove any evidence of animals. In addition, installing a chimney cap can prevent more animals from making their home in your chimney.

Another common odor problem is mold. Chimney sweeps can remove mold, but attention still needs to be paid to the water problem that caused the mold growth in the first place. Water and mold in the attic near the chimney is a sign that the chimney flashing is not sealed properly. Repointing damaged joints and installing a chimney cap will both reduce the potential for water in the chimney.

Smells coming from the chimney can be particularly bad in the summer when the air conditioner is on, because the negative pressure brings air into the house through the chimney. You should be able to control this airflow through the chimney with a good damper.

Trust your nose. A foul smell coming from the chimney is not normal and is reason to call a professional for a chimney cleaning or chimney repair.

When is it time for a Chimney Cleaning?

By Jesse Peralta

If you wrote in the search engine box, “How often should I get my chimney cleaned?” then chances are, you are due for a chimney sweep portland.  Most people don’t realize that their chimney should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year to help prevent a fire.

The soot (creosote) that covers a dirty firebox or chimney flue can easily catch fire. Surprisingly, this is how over 16,000 house fires a year start in the US.  Not all homes are the same, however.  Accumulation of creosote varies depending on several factors including the height of your chimney flue, whether the flue is insulated, or how hot you burn your fires.

Creosote is formed when wood burning gasses cool. This can occur inside the chimney if it is too long or too cold. It can also occur if you burn a small fire or a fire that has a lot of moisture or smoke.

The Nation Fire Protection Agency recommends a chimney cleaning at least once a year, yet under certain conditions, you may need your chimney cleaned more or less often. Your chimney sweep can help you determine how often your service should be scheduled to ensure your maximum safety.

Smoky Fires Don’t Make Good Neighbors

Smoky Fires Don’t Make Good Neighbors

By Jesse Peralta


There’s a house down the street that has billowing smoke coming from its chimney on cold mornings. It’s a small house nestled low in a cove, so the smoke hovers at the street. I hate walking my dog past the house and usually stop short to turn around. I’m a little annoyed to cut my walk short, but more worried for the people who live there —inhaling smoke is bad for your health, and burning a cold, smoky fires is a waste of money, as well as a fire hazard.


Smoke happens when wood is not completely burned. It contains free radicals and carbon dioxide that can irritate your eyes and respiratory system, and inhibit oxygen absorption. Burning a clean fire is important to your health (and the health of your neighbors).


Burning a smoke-free fire will also better heat your home. A hot fire will burn the wood completely and produce more heat than a cool, smoky fire will. Getting more heat with less wood will save you money on wood.


In addition, a cool, smoky fire is more likely to cause creosote to deposit on your chimney flue, putting you at an increased risk for a chimney fire. A professional chimney sweep, like Chimcare, LLC can remove this residue and should be called upon more frequently if you burn a smoky fire.


So Neighbor, please start burning smarter. We’ll both be healthier for it, and you might even save your house or a little extra money on firewood.  


5 Tips to a Hotter, Cleaner Fire!

  1. Only use wood that has been dried for at least six months under a shelter. If you knock on the wood, it should sound hollow.
  2. Burn a HOT fire and keep it hot by adding wood regularly.  
  3. Do not overload the fire with wood. It can create pockets of cool air and reduce the available oxygen needed to burn well.
  4. Keep the doors closed to a wood stove while in use.
  5. Never burn garbage, even newspaper. 

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Chimney Sweeping is in full force!

As the cold weather moves in, you can find our top notch chimney sweeps out and about chimney sweeping, cleaning fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves ect. This is the time of year when the flood of calls come roaring in and we are prepared and happy to keep our loyal employees busy and their families fed. We appreciate our customers loyalty and work that they provide us in these tough economic times. So hats off to keeping your local chimney sweeping business busy and for keeping your families safe this year!  As they say in Mary Poppings.. Chim Chim Cheree !  Call for the best chimney sweeping company in town.  Sorry we don’t send little kids down the chimney like you see in the movies. Yes, we do get asked that question!  As for as i know Portland, Oregon does not allow kids to clean your chimney. However, we do have fully trained licensed technicians that will treat your chimney and home with care and can give you a proper chimney evaluation.  Chimney Sweeping is an art and skilled craft.  Making sure you hire the right company is critical to the safety of your home and family.

Call the company that has been servicing chimney’s here in the Portland areas since 1989.  Don’t let the fly by night companies who offer to good to be prices ruin you chimney or home.

Chimney Sweep Gresham today

Another Hot day out in the field for Chimcare as we work in Chimney Sweep Gresham!  Today we are covering the west side doing chimney cleaning or sometimes referred to as chimney sweeping.  We started in Gresham, than traveled to Damascus, Beavercreek and finished in Canby Oregon.  The phone calls have been coming in like crazy as homeowners begin to realize that fall is approaching fast and to beat the fall rush of Homeowners looking for chimney sweep gresham.


Chimney Repair – On a 2nd note we have about another month of really good weather for Chimney Repair before the fall rains come.  So if interested in getting on the schedule please call asap as we are booked out till the week of Sept 12th!


Call us today at Ph.# 503-655-2446 or you can visit our website for additional info www.chimcarellc.com


Chimney Sweep and Chimney Repair Portland

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association NFPA, recommends annual chimney sweep and chimney repair Portland if necessary for all chimney systems.  This is true no matter what fuel you burn and regardless of how often you use your chimney.  That’s potent advice coming from people dedicated to saving lives and property – advice that has stood the test of time.  Keep your family and home safe and have your chimney cleaned and inspected before the cold season approaches.  You can also save money by having your chimney sweep and chimney repair portland completed before September.  Remember we do everything chimney such as tuck-pointing, crown repair, flashing replacement, chimney building and chimney cleaning. Call today Ph# 503-655-2446 and Save 15% OFF YOUR NEXT SCHEDULED SERVICE – OFFER GOOD FOR AUGUST ONLY!

Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Today Chimcare is out doing Chimney Cleaning and repair in Portland Oregon.  We also do Chimney Sweeping and Dryer Vent Cleaning.  We will be in West Linn, SW Portland and NE Portland.  It’s time to get your chimney cleaning and repair needs taken care of before fall approaches.  Let’s face it, fall is coming quicker than we would like to admit.  So stop putting if off before the fall rush approaches and we will be booked out 3-4 weeks.  By scheduling your chimney sweep and repair you can save money and can beat the rush. Check out our chimney repair page for more information and our chimney sweep page for more information.  Call today and save money!  Don’t wait for that fall rush to put your safety at risk of a chimney fire.

Woodstove Cleaning in West Linn, Oregon

Another cloudy day as we head to West Linn to clean and inspect a woodstove. Looks like the Chimney will also need some chimney repair on the exterior and the interior hearth also needs some major repair as the brick and mortar are falling apart.

Never fear for Chimcare is here! Well get things done right! Call us today 503-655-2446

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Chimney Cleaning or referred as Chimney Sweep

As spring is slowly coming to an end, this winds up being the best time to have your chimney swept.  We offer discounts to our customers who have their chimney cleaned during the months of Jan – April.  So start your spring cleaning and get your chimney cleaned so you don’t have to worry about it this coming fall.  Check out this page for more details chimney cleaning