5 Signs That Your Chimney Needs Repairing Now!

It’s pretty clear when your car isn’t working. When the fence breaks, the neighbors are sure to let you know. How do you know when your chimney or flue needs repairing? Even when you can’t see most of it and there are no alarms that sound, there are signs to look for.

By Claire West

1 —Crumbling debris in the firebox


Don’t overlook the crumbling debris that appears in your fireplace. This debris is coming from your masonry liner. If you have cracks in your chimney flue liner then you are at risk for a house fire. Flying embers and dangerous gases traveling up the flue can escape into your home.

Tile liners in older homes can be replaced with new stainless steel liners that reduce creosote build-up and are easy to clean. Ensure that you are not at risk for a house fire, have your chimney inspected annually for cracks or wearing masonry.



2 —Water stains on the living room walls                                                   


A compromised chimney can introduce water into the interior of your home. If you see water in your attic or on the interior walls near the fireplace, it could mean that you have an area where water is entering your chimney or that your flashing is not sealing properly. Slow leaks can cause thousands of dollars in repairs and mold clean up and should be taken care of immediately.


3 —Mortar that is being squeezed out between bricks


Water that is absorbed into your bricks will expand during a freeze cycle competing with the mortar for space. This will literally push the mortar out from between the bricks. This obviously is a problem, leaving cracks where water can enter the home as well as reduce the stability of the chimney structure. If caught early enough, masons can repoint the bricks to their original condition. If not, the structure may need to be rebuilt.


4 —Cracks in the chimney crown                                                              


When water enters even tiny crevices of a chimney crown, it spells disaster. Those crevices will get bigger with every rain or freeze cycle. The chimney crown is a critical structural component to the chimney and should be maintained to protect against a complete chimney collapse.



5 —White residue on bricks


A white residue on the surface of your bricks indicates that water is penetrating them. The water that is absorbed into your bricks travels to the surface, bringing with it the minerals that were dissolved along the way. Water is the number one enemy of any brickwork, dissolving it or pushing it apart in a freeze/thaw cycle. The good news is that you can protect your chimney with a waterproofing agent that was designed just for bricks. It’s called Chimney Saver and it is available through some chimney sweep companies, like Chimcare LLC.


Nothing will give you more peace of mind then an annual chimney inspection. The professionals at Chimcare, LLC can check the condition of your masonry, look for signs of water damage and make sure that you are not at risk for fire.

Are wimpy fires getting you down? A potential problem with increased home efficiency

There’s an unsaid competition in my family to see who can build a better fire in the fireplace.  Struggling to get a fire started can be embarrassing, and letting one go out will put you at the center of jokes for the rest of the night.

If you are scratching your head lately as to why your fires are not taking off, you may be considering the traditional culprits — Is the wood dry? Is there enough kindling? Is the chimney flue open? But there’s a new, modern reason that you might not have considered — sealed windows and doors can hamper the circulating air in your home, making it difficult to properly aerate your fire.

Every good fire starter knows that a fire needs oxygen and a way for the smoke and gases to escape. When smoke and gases travel up the chimney flue, it sucks air from inside your home to fuel the fire.  This air is then used in the combustion and turned into the gases that go up your flue, and so on and so on.  If there isn’t available air inside your home, the cycle stops and the fire goes out. Simply cracking the window while you are burning your fire will supply more oxygen to your home and your fire, and just may be the answer to your wimpy fire problems.

Looks like its time to invite the family over.

We Install New Chimney Chase Covers

Before Photo Chimney Chase Cover

After Photo Chimney Chase Cover

If you Chimney Chase Cover is showing signs of rust you need to get it replaced before it becomes a bigger problem for you. A rusted chimney chase cover can leave awful rust streaks that will run down your chimney along with potential water leaks inside the chimney. A water leak can lead to costly repairs. For simple maintenance and peace of mind have one of our chimney sweep professionals inspect your chimney annually. Call Us Today! 503-655-2446

A rainy day for Chimney Repair

Today the rain of the northwest sets in and the gloominess of what Portland has to offer really becomes reality.  Today will turn out to be a day of running chimney repair estimates around Portland, Salem and McMinnville Oregon.

Chimney Repair in Newberg, Oregon

Our Brick Mason Mike goes to work Tuck-pointing a chimney in Newberg Oregon. Mike a seasoned mason is skilled at doing Chimney Rebuilds, Tuck-Pointing, Crowns, Flashing, Walk Ways, Firebox Repairs ect. Chimcare is a family owned business since 1989. We have locations in Portland, Gresham, Sandy, Salem, McMinnville, Corvallis and Eugene Oregon.

Portland Finest Masonry Repair Company

Chimney Sweep in Gresham today

Another Hot day out in the field for Chimcare!  Today we are covering the west side doing chimney cleaning or sometimes referred to as chimney sweeping.  We started in Gresham, than travelled to Damascus, Beavercreek and finished in Canby Oregon.  The phone calls have been coming in like crazy as homeowners begin to realize that fall is approaching fast and to beat the fall rush of Homeowners looking to clean their chimney’s.


Chimney Repair – On a 2nd note we have about another month of really good weather for Chimney Repair before the fall rains come.  So if interested in getting on the schedule please call asap as we are booked out till the week of Sept 12th!


Call us today at Ph.# 503-655-2446 or you can visit our website for additional info www.chimcarellc.com


Chimney Sweep and Chimney Repair Portland

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association NFPA, recommends annual chimney inspections and chimney cleanings if neccessary for all chimney systems.  This is true no matter what fuel you burn and regardless of how often you use your chimney.  That’s potent advice coming from people dedicated to saving lives and property – advice that has stood the test of time.  Keep your family and home safe and have your chimey cleaned and inspected before the cold season approaches.  You can also save money by having your chimney sweept before September.  Call today Ph# 503-655-2446 and Save 15% OFF YOUR NEXT SCHEDULED SERVICE – OFFER GOOD FOR AUGUST ONLY!

Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Today Chimcare is out doing Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Sweep and Dryer Vent Cleaning.  We will be in West Linn, SW Portland and NE Portland.  It’s time to get your Chimney Needs taken care of before fall approaches.  Let’s face it, fall is coming quicker than we would like to admit.  http://www.chimcarellc.com/

Chimney Repair, West Linn, Oregon

  Masonry Contractor Chad works on a Chimney Repair in West Linn, Oregon yesterday.  New Chimney Crown, Flue Tiles and Chimney Caps were installed.  Nice work Chad!  Check out our website for more info on chimney repair http://www.chimcarellc.com/

Rainy day set back in Salem Chimney Repair

What a bummer day today.  We were scheduled to do a Sand Blast on a Chimney today to remove paint.  Unfortanelty when sand blasting you can’t do it if there is rain. Rain and Sand don’t mix….  Tomorrow looks like we will be setting up Scaffolding to prepare for a Chimney Repair Job we will Start on Friday.