Chimney Caps and Tops

Chimcare carries top of the line stainless and copper Chimney Caps and Chimney Tops for the Greater Portland Metro area’s of Oregon.  We DO NOT CHARGE any travel fee’s!!  So don’t hesitate to call the best!

A Chimney Cap from Portland Oregon is a very important part of your chimney and is also referred to as a chimney top or chimney tops. Having a chimney cap Portland will prevent water from entering the inside of your chimney along with keeping birds, bats and squirrels from building nests.  Most homeowners don’t realize that water entering coming down the flue can cause very costly chimney repairs at some point.

We offer standard Chimney Caps in square and rectangle sizes, along with round chimney caps.  We can also carry caps in either Stainless Steel or Copper and can have custom chimney tops built to fit your exact size!  If you have problems with down drafts or live in windy conditions we also carry Wind Directional Chimney Caps.

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Chimney Caps Portland OR

Chimney Caps Portland Oregon