Chimney Inspection

Chimcare – Portland Metro’s trusted Chimney Inspectors Since 1989.  We are family owned and service the greater Portland metro, with specializing in services the Rural Area’s Of Oregon. We DO NOT CHARGE any travel fee’s!!  So don’t hesitate to call the best!

Chimney Inspector Portland Oregon

Chimney Inspection Portland

How often should my chimney be inspected?

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that all chimney’s, fireplaces and vents be inspected annually for a chimney inspection.  An important rule of thumb is “ If you think your chimney has been compromised” Call a licensed chimney sweep before having a chimney fire.  Other good reason to have your chimney inspected by a chimney inspector are as follows.

  1. Just purchased a home and are unsure of the history of the chimney
  2. Prior to purchasing a home
  3. After any usual sudden occurrence such as a Chimney Fire, Lightning Strike or Earthquake

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