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We Install Chimney Liners for the greater Portland metro and surrounding Rural Area’s of Oregon.  We DO NOT CHARGE any travel fee’s!!  So don’t hesitate to call the best!

Recent changes in the law now require Wood-Stove inserts to have a Stainless Steel Liner that attaches to the Insert and goes all the way to the top of the chimney.  If your wood-stove insert does not have one you must get the liner installed asap otherwise if you were to have a chimney fire your Insurance company would probably Deny the claim. Also when selling your house if the wood stove insert does not have a liner you will be required to install one or to have the Insert Disposed at a Certified Location.

Chimcare specializes in selling and installing Chimney Liners and/or Disposing of old non EPA approved inserts.

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Woodstove and Chimney Liner

Wood stove and Chimney Liner