Chimney Water Issues

Most Homeowners do not realize that Water causes more damage to chimney’s than even chimney fires!

Being in the northwest we get a ton of rain, and that rain absorbs into the chimney.  Chimneys are very porous and when moisture is absorbed along with freezing or thawing the breakdown (cracks ) begin to set in and leaking chimney’s begin to happen.

If you are experiencing water leaking into your chimney, house or attic in Portland Oregon please call us today before MAJOR costly problems arise.

Water Leaks can be caused by one of the following.

  1. Cracks in the top Crown
  2. Flue Tile Missing
  3. Chimney Cap Missing
  4. Faulty Flashing or lack of Chimney Flashing and/or Roof Flashing
  5. Chimney Needs to be sealed
  6. Cracks in the Chimney Joints, Missing mortar or mortar falling out of chimney
  7. Spalding bricks

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